Winter came early here in eastern Arkansas, and some areas have already experienced winter driving conditions and below freezing temperatures. Here are some tips for how to keep your car in top shape for the cold season. 

Check your antifreeze. Antifreeze keeps your engine from freezing up in cold weather, so it is vital to make sure you are not running low before the low temperatures hit. 

Get new tires. If your tread is wearing thin, it's time to go ahead and get new tires. Inadequate tread can be especially dangerous in winter, as slick tires can make it easier to slide on icy patches and harder to grip and get traction in the snow.  Make sure to check your tire pressure regularly, as colder weather can make you lose air pressure fast. 

Keep de-icer spray and an ice scraper in your car. Too many drivers only scrape enough to see out of their front windshield, but this is so dangerous! All your windows should be de-iced, as well as your backup camera, before you take off. Make this job easier with this inexpensive homemade de-icer spray and a good ice scraper. You might also want to invest in a windshield cover for your car, to prevent ice build-up in the first place. 

Replace your battery. Cold weather can make it harder for your car battery to operate, so if you've had some issues with yours in warmer weather, it's definitely time to replace it now. You don't want to be stranded in the cold with a dead battery! But still, always keep jumper cables in your car in case you or someone else needs a jump. (Note that if you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, you can receive a jump, but you CANNOT jump another person from your hybrid or electric battery without risking serious damage.)

Replace your windshield wipers. Freezing rain and snow can do a number on windshield wipers, and if yours are getting worn they could make driving dangerous by smearing dirty ice all over your field of vision. They are cheap and easy to install yourself, so it's best to go ahead and have a fresh pair to start the season. 

Let it run. Many modern cars can technically run fairly quickly from a cold engine, but it's always better for your engine to let the car run for a few minutes before you take off. Besides, giving your heater time to warm up the inside makes for a much more pleasant commute. Add a thermos of hot coffee and you're ready to hit the road! 

Need a new ride for cold weather driving? This Frontier has 4WD and plenty of room for the whole family, and it's Christmas red!