"Are we THERE yet???"

    There’s not a parent alive who hasn’t heard this on a road trip. Summer vacation is exciting for everyone, but the process of getting there can be boring for kids and stressful for everyone. Never fear, here are some tried and true ways to keep kids entertained on your summer vacation:
1.     Post-card kit: Put together a box of crayons, colored pencils, washable markers and index cards and let your kids draw pictures of the scenery. Then grab some stamps at one of your stops, dash off a note to the grandparents on the back side and mail it back home.

2.     Play Musical Word Association: Guaranteed to keep older kids and teens engaged with the family. Start by letting someone choose a favorite song on Spotify. The next person listens to the lyrics and comes up with a new song that reminds them of the last song, and explains why it makes them think of it. This one always sparks memories and interesting conversations.

3.     Sit in the back seat: If you have littles and are road tripping with a partner, get in the back seat next to your child. Having you close to make funny faces at and play with can ease an antsy baby or toddler. Just don’t be a backseat driver. ;)

4.     Counting Blue Cars: You nineties kids remember the song right? Turn it into a game with your own kids. First one to see 10 blue cars wins a turn to choose the music.

5.     Listen to a kid-friendly podcast. There are several quality ones listed here.

Stack of Childrens Book

6.     Pack a backpack with age-appropriate reading, activity books, snacks, and art supplies so kids can entertain themselves while parents get some adult conversation or quiet time.

7.     Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of random things you’re likely to see on your trip, and some that might be hard to spot. A pink car, a black and white cow, a water tower, a police car, a Hertz Car Sales location. First person to find them all gets dessert at a restaurant, or extra souvenir money.

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Have a safe and fun summer road trip!