There's nothing like the look and feel of a new car's interior. That famous new-car smell, and the shine of new interior can make even the most affordable car feel luxurious, but how do you hold on to that clean, sleek look and feel after you've had your car for months or even years? We've got 8 tips for you on how to keep your car's interior in top shape. 

1. Keep a waterproof bag for trash in your passenger floorboard within easy reach, and remember to empty it out regularly. 

2. If you spend a lot of time in your car, you know how things can pile up.  Keep a small basket or bin in your car for those random things that end up hanging around in the car. That way you can just grab the whole bin and take it in the house to put where it belongs.

3.Use a paint brush, makeup brush, or toothbrush to get dust and grime out of nooks and crannies between your vents, stereo buttons, and any other small crevices. 

4. Keep glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth in your car to clean interior of windows, mirrors and any other glass services in your car regularly.

5. Sprinkle some baking soda onto your carpet and mats and let it sit while you clean the rest of the car, then vacuum. This will cut any odors that might be in the carpet or fabric. You can do the same for cloth seats, but be sure to sprinkle a minimal amount so that it all comes out with the vacuum, or you'll be wearing baking soda when get up from the seat.

6. Because cars are a small, enclosed space, its a good idea to use a natural hard surface cleaner, such as Mrs. Meyers or Seventh Generation rather than harsh chemicals that you'll be breathing every time you drive. 

7. To avoid toxic chemicals and high detailing costs, clean your seats and carpets for pennies with a homemade solution and a stiff plastic brush. Check out this recipe for a more natural upholstery cleaning solution. 

8. If your car didn't come with cup holder liners, use small plastic sauce containers in the bottom of your cup holders to catch spills and bits of trash. Then you can just wash them out in the house and keep your actual cup holders clean. 

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